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Iraqi drilling center

Training workshops and laboratories

1 - Workshop production

Training students in this workshop of the first and second years in the specialization of production and field measurements for the first year to the specialization of Drilling third: the competence of Devices mechanics.

Aim of Specialization

Preparation of technical staffs in the field's maintenance and repair of all systems and equipment, drilling and associated process equipment and diesel engines

*Characterization of the work of graduate competence Drilling Equipments mechanics

The Specialization graduate can do the following actions: -

1-Maintenance and repair of various types of diesel engines in the workplace or central workshops

2-Maintenance and repair of the various systems and devices Drilling Accessories

3-Maintenance and repair of equipment, pumps and motors used in processes associated with drilling operations

Workshops 1 - Workshop for Drilling Equipments mechanics

Training students in this workshop for the first and second years the Specialization of drilling equipment mechanics and first-year students to the Specialization Drilling

2- Workshop engines

Train students in this workshop for the first and second years of the Specialization of Drilling Equipments mechanics

Field Training

Train students of the Department after doing their final exams in the oil fields and sites for a period of eight weeks and field training  includes: -

1-site training of students of the first year

2 - The practical application of students of the second year

And field training is one of the basic lessons

Notes for tips

Appointments for Department graduates, mostly in oil exploration site sand which are generally outside the cities oil Department is different from the rest of the Department of oil in the oil Institutes of Kirkuk, Baiji and Basra, and that the existence of Simulation Laboratory in this laboratory is exclusive to the oil Department at the Institute of oil Baghdad  the rest of the institutes

Number of employees of the Department oil in Baghdad Oil Training Institute is thirty-eight members nearly half of them sons and of the oil Training Institute graduates- Baghdad -oil Department

We would like to refer to the subject of exchanged dealings by the Department of oil in Baghdad Oil Training Institute with universities in the country where there are field visits in some universities of  Engineering To benefit  from the experience of the technical staff of the Department of oil and look at the Devices of  Department and how to operate and work on them>

Baghdad University - College of Engineering - Department of petroleum engineering forerunner of all universities and institutes of oil to take advantage of what the Department contains of the knowledge