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Fire tube Boiler enters the training

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For the first time in the petroleum institutes

Fire tube Boiler enters the training

To raise the level of oil equipment mechanics in the oil Training Institute / Baghdad .The Institute has contracted with heavy equipment company one of the  formations of  the Iraqi Oil Ministry for manufacturing, installation and moving a fire tube boiler where the work was carried out by a team consist of ten people, engineers and technicians the period to set up the device and operation of was(five months) before the work the company has been approached to provide the Institute - oil equipment engineering Division a diagrams for the boiler where the work was approved on 18/5/2010 with giving some observations such as high chimney and make some external parts of the device are dismantled for easy leap and this device is of great significance for the training staff and students of the oil equipment  Division .

The device is one of the main devices used in the refining of crude oil which is used in the extraction of materials used in everyday life such as gasoline and kerosene as for the students of Specialization it provides hours of training from the scientific curriculum for the first stage and the second stage by (250) h include (pipes, valves, torches and boilers) which leads to raise the level of technical and scientific support to reflect on the graduate level when working in the oil sites for high precision work and achievement other contracts have been signed with  heavy equipment company for the manufacture of devices include exchangers simulator of different types and it was also to provide high amounts of installation  machine for less than (5000,000,0) dinars, when contracting with companies. The boiler is a closed vessel containing the combustion chamber burns the fuel and use the heat generated from the combustion to convert water into water steam under high temperature and pressure the device is running by two phases first phase through the lens to see the flame and note out of the gases from the chimney as second phase the boiler works through pressure on its operating key the resulting water steam from the boiler is of great significance as it is used in heat exchangers, as well as used in the generating of electric power for the operation of turbine engines that run pumps, as well as central heating used in hotels and hospitals.