Republic of Iraq

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Baghdad Oil Training Institute  (BOTI)


General Outline

Baghdad oil training institute is considered to be one of the largest Arab oil institutes in terms of student's capacity (More than 1000 students), number of specialties of the basic technical courses, which the institute is capable of conducting (more than 10 disciplines.



 Size of faculty members more than (334) at the present, out of a total personnel about( 580)employees  variety of objectives (preparation of technicians and technical stuff, continuing education and personnel development courses for the Iraqi petroleum sector s work forces and exchanging technicians& technical services). It is also the biggest institute in Iraq, owned and run by the ministry of oil which are Basra-Karkuk & Beji institutes.

 BOTI  is situated in Al-Wazriah district in Baghdad. Its land area is 80000 m. It commenced its educational activities in the academic year 1971-1972. The total number of its gradates has now reached more than (30000), among them at lest 1500 graduates from Arab and foreign countries

Since its establishment, it has organized yearly hundreds of development courses attended by thousands of participants mainly from the Iraqi petroleum sector. The institute accommodates (28) training workshops and (36) laboratories, working actual drilling rig, (23) lecture rooms, a library, English language laboratory, an auditorium (capacity 400 seats), a large student restaurant capacity 250, continuing education centre , a large computer centre , a dormitory for housing theprovinces students , medical unit , a nursing house for the institutes personnel babies , and  sports grounds for games.

Recently the Institute has established drilling simulator project  for the benefit of the advanced staff of engineering & driller For rehabilitation to get the  (I.W.C.F) international Certificate



international Certificate and  the e-learning project for (staff, students) through advanced courses which connect our institute ,ministry of oil & Dora refinery ,also a monarchy transferring measuring gage system was imported from a good specialist companies and the Engineering inspection center (these projects are new and for the first time in oil ministry  .







 . Accommodation in the institute's dormitory.

 . Meals priced moderately at the students restaurant in the institute.

 . Receiving monthly out of pocket allowances.

 . Receiving medical services inside the institute.

 . Participating in scientific, technological, and social activities.

 . Graduates with highest grades are awarded financially.

 . Given the opportunity to be appointed in the petroleum sector.

 . Graduates joining higher technical education receive monthly out of pocket

allowances till they finish successfully their B.SC studies.


The institutes students are offered to participate in the following activities

 . Attending seminars (organized by their sections )related to the latest development in relevant branches of science and technology.

 . Attending lectures given by petroleum experts.

 . Encouraging students to undertake some simple research work with the aim of

making newly invented devices. This is done under the supervision of the concerned

faculty members.

 . Joining visits to petroleum and other worksites.

 . Participating in organization exhibitions inside the institute.

 . Participating in sports activities


(10%) of graduates in any year granted the technical diploma with the highest grades in any  specialty are entitled to admitted into higher technical education to study for B.SC degree in their own specialties ,in Iraqi colleges and universities .

As long as application for admittance into the higher education follows immediately graduation in the institute and all of this holds true in the case of oil institutes as for the other institutes.


The admittance requirements for the basic technical education courses are in general as follows:

. The application must have a secondary school education certificate (science or

technical branch).

. Must of good health and adequate physique.


The basic technical education coursers last for two calendar years and each year is composed    of two main parts. The 1 St part for nearly 9 month's (October – June) is carried out inside the  institute where the students attend Theoretical lectures and undergo practical training.

As for the 2 nd part , students are sent to petroleum worksites for training and getting used to  working conditions, and this part lasts for approximately 2 months (June - august( .


The institute grants the students who successfully finish the basic technical education courses. A recognized certificate and that’s the (technical diploma) which is equivalent to the (technical diploma) granted by the foundation of technical education. ministry of higher education and scientific research.

The (technical diploma) is evaluated to 3 academic years following secondary school education.



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