Gasoline generator operate by Gas



It is obvious that the majority of the Iraqi people and due to chronic power crisis has electricity generator at home and operated daily and Obviously, we are searching for fuel (gasoline), which its prices rises with the continuous of electrical extinction crises it is also known the gravity of gasoline storage because this material will evaporate and cause serious accidents therefore we must search for alternatives and one of alternatives available in every home is the liquid gas cylinder which is known for its clean-burning and security. I thought using this alternative at home to running generator in unique possibilities that available and inexpensive.

Process will be reviewed may God one take advantage of this method modification as follows: -

Materials required for modulating:

·         High-pressure regulator (1000)

·         Rubber tube (inch 3) (high-pressure gas rubber tube)

·         Locks to the provisions to connecting rubber tube

Modulation: Modulation process taking place only on (Evaporator) conducting the process of opening lower part of the Evaporator (cup) and removed the gas valve and linking the nail and remains only the middle pillar to enter the gasoline and use it to enter the gas and linking its first part to the rubber tube and make sure to enter the tube to the extent coverage a large part of it and tighten the link by locking the link and  we cancel the lever (choking) .To facilitate the entry of gas into Evaporator It is necessary to get rid of cover (       ) and sponge covering air-fuel mixing slot (choking)


Now we run the generator and as the following procedures, which does not differ much from the normal operating by opening the gas regulator till we hear the voice of the passage of gas in (Evaporator) .We start the operator of running the generator either electric or pull rope. If the opening of gas in a large amount the generator will not work completely we reduce the amount of gas and try to run it again the generator will work before the start of electricity, Please pay attention to the sound of the engine if the noise was high, Or the sound was normal If the sound was high we control the organizer increase or decrease because the regulator acts as a (slowly) engine speed regulator .After the generator running in stability. We begin generating. The signal can also be put on the regulator to determine the amount of gas needed to run the generator For more information, visit the following website( watch ?v=fkepu8o3AJE(


This transgenic is successful (100%) and safe, and I have tried it for years without any side effects and economically very saver you will note that after you use it




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