Teaching sections in B.O.T.I

 Petroleum Department

Includes the following Divisions

Mechanics of drilling rigs Division

Drilling of oil and gas wells Division

Oil and gas production and field measurements Division


Oil refining and gas technology Department

Includes the following Divisions

Operation and control/oil refining Division

Gas technology Division

Petroleum analysis Division


Department of Mechanics

Includes the following Divisions

Industrial Safety Division

Specialty of Mechanic oil equipment Division

Petroleum analysis Division

Specialty of metal manufacturing Division

Pipeline Technology Section

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration specialty

Welding technology  Division

Specialty Of Motorcar & Heavy Equipment Division

Division of pumps and turbines


Electricity Department

Includes the following Divisions

Oil equipment Electricity Division

Measurement and control Division

Electricity maintenance Division


Information Technology & communication department

Includes the following Divisions

Telecommunications Division

Electronic Training and Remote Learning Division

Labs and maintenance Division



General lessons section




Baghdad Oil Training Institute - Information Technology & communication department -Telecommunications Division

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