Biography c.v
Ihsan Reza Mirza Ahmad Sharif 

(year of birth 1955 )



·      Director of Oil Training Institute - Baghdad and the   chairman President of the Board of the institute  

/ expert               

·      Board Member of the Institute of Arab Petroleum Training institute until 2013          

·      Representative of the Ministry of Oil in the Council of Technical Education / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Board Member(

·        representative the ministry of oil-Iraq (2005-the end of 2012(

·      consultative in the Iraqi engineers association

·      enter the English language in training and teaching

·      oversaw the completion of the acceptance electronical form for the graduating student from high school

·      oversaw and completed a rehabilitation of the drilling simulator center and will soon become the center of the Iraqi drilling which is the eighth  site in the world and the Institute got the authorization to grant  the global (I.W.C.F)  certificate

·      B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / University of Technology - Baghdad          

·      Bachelor of Education and Psychology / Faculty of Humanities - London (an open-ended(

·      More than 35 years of service (including a service in the south oil fields)and worked with:-

               OIL WELL Company  (An American  Company)

               G.E General Electric  (An American  Company)

               G.E.C  General Electric Company  ( British company)           

·      Training and teaching and supervision of field training for many years                

·      Lecturer in many developmental  and rehabilitation courses for the oil sector               

·      Prepared a lot of handouts for the oil institutes students         

·      Introduced the E.Technology for the first time to the institute through the electronic Archiving for the( administrative ,financial and audit department )as well as the English language lab and the electronic library.                 

·      Worked on the rehabilitation and development of many of the old buildings of the Institute                  

·      signed more  than 60 contracts importing training device and equipment while being director of the institute



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