Our Vision and Mission




 Achieving a leader in technical education that meets the requirements of the oil and gas industry.


 Preparation of technicians who qualified scientifically and practically to meet the requirements of oil and gas companies based on distinct competencies and expertise Institute by application of advanced curricula, and a commitment to the ethics of the profession and to achieve the level of quality standards.


 Our institute is wishful  to provide the best educational and developing services of the oil and gas sector through promotion of technicians is specialized to this sector, and presenting of specialized training and developing courses to oil and gas staff through the application of a quality management system in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008 and the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of this system, and the pursuit of goals that are compatible with this policy which review periodically in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


 1-    To obtain the quality certification in accordance with the International Standard (ISO 9001: 2008) through 2014. (Done)



2-    Implementation of E-Learning project and distance learning in gas and oil field in cooperation with the ministry of oil and Daura refinery, and start applying it during 2014.

3-    Implementation of driller's certificate granting project (IWCF) through pass of special tests by the Institute and applying it during 2014.

4-    Increase the rate of participation in training programs by 10% from 2013.





  Commitment to Quality.

Respect for moral values.

• Commitment to professional conduct.

• keep pace with scientific developments and global technology.

• Innovation, creativity and flexibility.

• Excellence and success.

• Integrity and transparency.

• Self-confidence and responsibility.

• Cultural and scientific openness and freedom.





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